Cloud computing – No network, why?

Providing software via network based on cloud computing model has become a major trend recently. However, are they available if your connection is not stable?

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Cloud computing technology model Cloud computing, a technology model in which data and information processing takes place entirely on the Internet, is becoming a recent major trend. There are many advantages of this model for users such as: no cost of maintaining infrastructure, constantly updating maintenance, accessible anytime, anywhere, on any device … Even tech giants like Microsoft are aware of this trend and make cloud versions for their Microsoft Office pet.

However, in Vietnam, cloud computing is really only flourishing in personal services such as file storage. From the perspective of business people, the major drawback of cloud software is the need for an Internet connection. In terms of network infrastructure is not as good as in Vietnam, this is really a big challenge. For example, if your business is a supermarket that uses software for online sales (online), when there is no network, the cashier will not be able to scan barcodes for price information. Thus, even if a pocket-sized computer is used as a backup, business activities will be delayed.

Most cloud software, when faced with strict stability requirements, offer an installation version. The installation version helps the program operate even when there is no Internet, and the data will be synchronized to the server when the link appears again. However, this approach makes the solution no longer a “cloud” in the true sense. You will still have a headache with installing, maintaining, blocking viruses, …

A new approach being promoted by pioneers in cloud computing is the use of offline storage technology in HTML5. This technology allows a web application to also store data temporarily in the browser’s memory and use it when there is no network connection. A good example is the Gmail Offline application, which allows you to read old mail while offline. In Vietnam, sales software has pioneered the application of this technology. Salespeople can retrieve merchandise data as well as pay customers in any situation, entirely through a web browser.

Offline data storage technology

Despite many challenges, cloud computing with the strong support of HTML5 standard is confirming an inevitable trend in the new IT era. If the Windows operating system is the foundation for installed applications, modern web browsers such as Chrome are the foundation for cloud applications. It will be interesting to see how the competition between Windows and Chrome, between the “old” and the “new”, play out.

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