Some companies become developed with Hybrid cloud Management Software


Company Description: Founded in 2016, HyperGrid is a young startup company, providing solutions to what it means to “cloud to be software-defined”. It is based in San Jose, California, and has raised $ 24 million in venture funding.

Hybrid Cloud Management Software: HyperGrid’s HyperCloud Cloud Management Platform promises cost savings, productivity improvements, faster time to market, risk reduction, and business transformation. It provides standard (virtual or core based) pricing or enterprise pricing (flat rate), as well as custom pricing options for MSPs using HyperCloud to create their own solutions.

Advantage: HyperGrid received the best score for the current category (3.59) but lower scores for the strategy (2.70) and market presence (1.60). Only its commercial model receives a perfect 5.00 rating, but its integration and API (4.50) and its supported cloud platform (4.40) also scores high.

Disadvantage: Forrester has given the company 1.00 ratings for its market approach, number of customers and product sales.

 Red Hat

Company Description: Best known for Linux distributions, Red Hat offers a variety of open source enterprise software. Recently, it has increased its efforts in the cloud computing space, emphasizing its OpenShift and OpenStack products. It is based in Raleigh, North Carolina, and is traded on the NYSE under the RHT. In 2017, it generated revenue of $ 2.9 billion.

Hybrid cloud management software: Red Hat’s hybrid cloud management software is called CloudForms. According to the company’s Web site, it “allows IT departments to control the user’s self-service capabilities to deliver, manage and ensure compliance on virtual machines, the cloud, the container, and even the mechanics. physical infrastructure “.

Advantages: Forrester lowered Red Hat to its current offering (2.80), strategy (2.10) and market presence (1.60). Its best scores are for support services (3.60) and cloud service administration and administration (3.10). The report also states that Red Hat is a “natural choice” for companies to also use other Red Hat tools such as Ansible, OpenStack or OpenShift.

Disadvantages : Red Hat receives 1.0 point for cloud optimization, road map, customer number, and product sales.

BMC Software

Company Description: Founded in 1980, BMC Software has a long history of providing a wide range of enterprise software. Today, however, the brand itself is essentially a “multi-cloud management company.” Its website states that “92 of the Forbes Global 100 relies on BMC to accelerate their digital initiatives.” Its headquarters are located in Houston, Texas, and it is kept private.

Hybrid Cloud Management Software: BMC does not provide an all-in-one hybrid cloud management solution; Instead, it has nearly a dozen different integration tools that provide cost management, performance management, monitoring, security, automation and migration.

Advantages : BMC has a higher average score than Forrester for the current offering (3.15) and market presence (3.80), but below average for the strategy (2, 30). It has the highest score for product sales (5.00), integration and API (4.50) and cloud tracking (4.40).

Disadvantages : Forrester has lower BMC scores for road maps (1.00), commercial models (1.00) and support services (1.60).

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